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Casas Rurales en El Muyo 

40510 - EL MUYO (Segovia) - 921.125.413 - 659.104.448 -
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The small locality of El Muyo, is located in one of the most privileged natural regions of Segovia, next to the Natural Park Tejera Negra, it is surrounded by the riverLillas and Zarzas, an extraordinary forest of oak in this area, being the most southern formation of Europe.

With this landscape there are two comfortable and cozy cottages, El Árbol de la Vida and la Tejera Negra that takes the name from the park.

2 double bedrooms
1 triple bedroom
2 double bedrooms

They follow the image of the black architecture of Segovia, known in the villages that use mainly materials such as slate to build its houses. Both livings are located in big spaces, with the wood as main character, with details in stone and brick owing to they provide a rustic environment.

Besides enjoying the natural park and the essence of the culture of Segovia, you can practice many water sports in the close rivers or visit Hoces del río Duratón and Riaza. For the snow lovers, the station Pinilla is less than 30 km far away.

Other option is visiting the site of Tiermes, in neighbor locality of Soria, with diversity of human, Celtiberian and Romanesque remains, it is considered as the Spanish Pompeya.

The gastronomy can be other way of tourism that without hesitating, Segovia gets its maximum interest, the Castilian kitchen highlights for being the flavour of its known dishes, the Castilian soup, the beans of La Granja, the bread or the sheep cheese.


Hayedo de Tejera Negra
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Yacimiento de Tiermes
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Ayllón, Conjunto Histórico-Artístico
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Concordia Virgen del Rivero
En San Esteban de Gormaz, 1 de mayo
Día de la Concordia de la Virgen del Rivero es lo que queda de las antiguas romerías multitudinarias de los 32 pueblos que la conforman. Cada 1 de mayo son invitados cinco pueblos de forma especial, y...
La Caballada de Atienza
En Atienza, 9 de junio
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Huercasa Country Festival
En Riaza, del 10 al 11 de julio
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El Muyo

Village located 20 km far away to the East of Riaza. It is the best sample of the black villages of the mountain chain of Ayllón because its houses are built in dark slate. The small locality EL Muyo is in one of the most privileged natural regions of Segovia, next to the Natural Park Tejera Negra, surrounded by the rivers Lillas and Zarzas, an extraordinary forest of oak is in this area, being the most southern formation of this type of Europe.


Natural Park Tejera Negra, Hoces de los ríos Duratón y Riaza, Site of Tiermes (Soria), Riaza, Medieval Villa of Ayllón, El Maderuelo, Sepúlveda, Pedraza, Caves of Prádena, Beech Forest Pedrosa, Beech Forest Tejera Negra, etc…


Hiking, bike routes, horseback ridings, gastronomic routes, multi adventure, climbing, archery, mycological routes, ski, etc…

40510 - EL MUYO (Segovia) - 921.125.413 - 659.104.448 - -
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